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Welfare Officer

Kurnai College sees welfare support as an integral area in creating an emotionally safe environment for our students. Kurnai College provides welfare support to students, teachers and families.

Our welfare team offers the following:

  • Provide 1:1 assistance/counselling to students when required:  Issues generally include social and emotional problems both in and out of school, general health and safety concerns, relationships problems with family and friends.  We also offer family support.
  • Referrals to external agencies and professionals for various issues..
  • Information prevision for students and parents about helpful services available in the local community.
  • Our Welfare team also develops, facilitates and coordinates welfare-based programs and small groups within the school:  These are generally based on issues such as self-esteem, social skills, anger management, health and safety, emotional awareness and coping skills. 
  • Networks with other local secondary schools to maximise resources and knowledge.
  • Works with local community support agencies to get assistance and better outcomes for students, their   families and the college.