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Student Leadership

Kurnai College recognises the importance of student voice into decisions that affect student learning and the college environment. The leadership program of Kurnai includes Campus Captains, Student Representative Councils, Peer Support and a number of other student leadership programs. The Student Representative Council (SRC) runs at both Morwell and Churchill campuses. It is open to all interested students in Years 7-10. It provides a forum for students to discuss issues and formulate actions to develop the campus. The Student Representative Councils also work with the student body to raise money for charities identified by the students.

At the University Campus the Year 12 Captains for 2009 are: Ben Huke, Josh Downie, Cathleen Bennett and Danielle Cook. Year 11 Student Leaders are Alex Jones, Francis Richardson, Alysha Campbell and Vanessa Holcombe. These leaders are elected by the students at the University campus with two males and two females at each level. They work with a staff member to organise theme days each term, for instance, a footy/sport dress up day during Term 2. Each year, the group determines a charity that they will support, and fundraising activities such as barbeques are organised. The Year 12 leaders are also called upon to speak at important school functions such as the Debutante Ball and the Graduation Dinner, as well as community events such as Anzac Day ceremonies.

The captains work closely with the staff, the broader student leadership body and the SRC to discuss issues on the campuses. A number of students from within the leadership programs across the College represent Kurnai in community and state forums. Some of the forums in which Kurnai has student representation are Freeza Council and the Latrobe City Youth Council. Churchill Campus has continued to build on its successful 'Peer Support Program.' Peer support leaders from Year 10 work with Year 7 students every Friday afternoon, helping the Year 7 students settle into their new school. Some of these Peer Support Leaders, together with nominated students from Year 9, become the core of the Action Squad in semester 2. Action Squad operates in all our feeder primary schools and is designed to smooth the transition from primary to secondary schooling. Action Squad members work in small teams to run activities with Grade 5 and 6 students including sessions where primary students can ask questions about the things that might be worrying them about their shift to secondary school. Kurnai College is dedicated to developing our existing student leadership programs while also looking for new opportunities and initiatives. We recognise the importance for student input and voice in order to develop the Kurnai Community.