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Poetry and Writing


By Magenta Year 7 (2006)

Eggs, eggs everywhere, 
Every table, 
Every chair,  
on the floor,  
against the door, 
Eggs, eggs I want more

Very Short Story

Quickly Robono, hurry up you’re going to be late for school. Run, it’s coming. I think you’re going to make it,  
Oh no, too slow, you missed it.  
You’re lucky I’m here and not at work because I just got to see you run after a town bus. 

I can’t write a Poem 

by Tara Year 7 (2006)

I’ve had my hand up for ages 
I need help 
I’m running out of time 
I’m starving 
There’s only five minutes to lunch 
If I don’t get the work done I’m in trouble 
I’ve got a cold 
I want to go home 
My pen is running out of ink 
I have no pages left in my book 
My hands hurt 
I can’t write anymore 
The class is too noisy 
I can’t concentrate 
I need 19 minutes longer 
Cassie won’t be quiet 
She keeps jabbering on 
Finally she’s quiet 
Oh no she’s talking again 
Argh, we have to pack up 
I’m dead 
Oh wait I have one more minute 
Ding DingDing 
Times up Uh Oh 
All I have is this list of dumb excuses  
You like it? Really? No kidding 
Thanks a lot 
Can I leave…….No