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Advanced Learning Program

The Advanced Learning Program for Students (ALPS) is available to students attending Kurnai College – Morwell and Churchill campuses. The ALPS program caters for students who have a strong work ethic and are capable of achieving excellent academic results.

The ALPS program aims to enable students to maximise their potential. The curriculum is designed to advance student learning, while offering a breadth of experiences across all areas. The core subjects are taught by a small cohort of staff allowing for cross curriculum development. It also increases the time students have with staff, therefore further developing relationships. There is greater emphasis placed on extra-curricular activities which support the curriculum and enhance learning such as: subject excursions, strong primary schools links and participation in the Australian Educational Competitions (Mathematics, Science and English).

Successful students will form a group for their core subjects – English, Maths, Science and Humanities. Students are in mixed classes for Physical Education, Technology, Art, LOTE and other elective subjects.

An important part of the program is the relationships built between the students, staff and parents. Parents receive regular feedback on the progress of their child through formal processes such as Parent/Teacher Interviews as well as through regular Progress Reports. These meetings and reports allow staff, parents and students the opportunity to outline student progress, identify strengths and discuss strategies for improving performance. The ALPS Coordinator at each Campus also monitors student progress to ensure that they are making the most of their learning opportunities.

Student movement, into or out of the program, involves a consultative process which includes parents, teachers and students. The aim of any movement is to achieve the best outcome for the student.

Kurnai College is the only secondary school in Gippsland that has direct links to Federation University, Federation Training and AGA. All of these education providers are located at the University Campus (Kurnai College Senior Campus) situated at the heart of Federation University Gippsland.

ALPS students are able to take full advantage of the pathways that have been developed between these partners. During Year 9, ALPS students undertake an innovative program at the Unversity Campus aimed at highlighting and strengthening pathways into VCE and further education.

In Year 10, ALPS students can undertake an enriched program including a range of VCE subjects offered at both the junior and senior campuses. In Year 11 and 12 there is the opportunity to engage in a range of studies from Federation University, Federation Training  and AGA while attending Kurnai College.

The selection process for ALPS compromises a number of aspects:

  • Recommendation from Grade 6 teachers.
  • Tests in mathematical processes and skills and reading comprehension.
  • An interview of the student with members of the ALPS staff where they are also asked to produce a short piece of writing.

The ALPS program, which began in 2005, continues to receive excellent feedback from students, parents and staff.

For further Information please call the Junior campuses on the following numbers:

Morwell 03 5165 0600  Churchill 03 5132 3700