Melinda Lieshout

Melinda reflects on her time at Kurnai College. ”Kurnai provided me with an opportunity to interact with peers of a vast range of backgrounds which has proved invaluable in my current career. If I had my time over again I’d worry less about thinking differently to my peers and not fitting in – the world is changed by those that think outside the square and don’t follow the norm.” She went on to say that she was lucky with the teachers she had, some notables were Mr Carbone, Ms Reid-Metcalf, and Mr McGowan. “Mr Carbone in particular told me I should consider a career in law, and whilst at the time I thought he was of questionable mental stability, he’s ended up being right.” “My experiences and time at Kurnai taught me that a person’s circumstances should not be a barrier to them accessing the resources they need in life, and I try to use my skills and knowledge to help bridge this gap in the work I do.” “Today’s students should take advantage of all the opportunities available to them as you never know where they’ll lead.” Melinda is currently a lawyer with dreams of one day practising as a Barrister.