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Primary to Secondary transition

A number of different programs exist to assist in the transition of our local Grade 6 students to Kurnai College.

Some of these are:

     Action Squad: Year 9 students work with local feeder Primary schools during semester two. The action squad uses activities to address questions and concerns about Secondary school.

    Primary Transition Visits: Staff and students of Kurnai College attend local Primary schools to visit with students and staff. The purpose is to develop relationships with Primary students in order to increase communication and support for all students.

   Kurnai College Awareness Days and Visits: Grade 5 and 6 students and Primary staff visit Kurnai College throughout the year. The visits take on a number of different forms: Information sessions, tours and involvement in classes. Kurnai also hold a number of open days where Primary Students attend the campuses to undertake more structured educational programs, while parents are invited to attend a tour and information session.