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School Nurse

School Nurse

The Secondary School Nursing Program aims to reduce risk to young people and promote better health in the wider community. The Program employs 100 nurses in 199 Government Secondary Schools across Victoria.

The objectives of the program are to:

                  Play a key role in reducing negative health outcomes and risk taking behaviours among young people, including drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, eating disorders, obesity, depression, suicide and injuries

                  Focus on prevention of ill health and problem behaviours by ensuring coordination between the school and community based health and support services

                  Support the school community in addressing contemporary health and social issues facing young people and their families

                  Provide appropriate primary health care through professional clinical nursing, including assessment, care, referral and support to secondary schools.

                  relationships deal with any difficulties in their transition from primary to secondary school.

The role of the nurse is to build on initiatives that have already been developed in schools and provide appropriate preventative health care, which addresses the sensitive and complex nature of health issues for young people, their families and school community.

The role specifically encompasses:

                  Individual health counselling,

                  Health promotion and planning,

                  School community development activities,

                  Small group work focussing on health related discussion and information, and a

                  Resource and referral service to assist young people in making healthy life style choices.

Apart from individual support to students, some of the health promotion programs currently being run at Kurnai include

                  The Quit smoking programme

                  Sexual Health and Development Programmes in accordance with education learning standards, Drug and Alcohol Education in unison with Community Agencies

                  Small Support groups for building resilience, managing behaviour and self esteem

                  Healthy Relationships programme

                  Mind Matters and Beyond Blue programme for mental wellness.

More information can be obtained from visiting the following web address, http://www.education.vic.gov.au/healthwellbeing//health/schoolnursing/secschool/programs.htm