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Sporting Stars

Kurnai College has maintained a strong sporting culture for a number of years.  The college prides itself on offering sporting opportunities to all of our students and ensures that any pupil playing under the Kurnai College banner does so with integrity and fair play.  Our records in both team and individual events have been consistently strong over the years, and we have also had some ‘exceptional’ performances being produced by our students.  Below is a list of the college’s past, and more recent, sporting performances.  Articles produced and also a photo gallery of the college’s more recent sporting events.

Interschool Sport Competitions:

State Finalists:



Girls Squash

Year 8 Basketball

Boys Squash

Southern Zone:

Boys and Girls Netball


Boys Basketball

Table Tennis


Gippsland Sports Track and Field Award: 

Crystal Hogg

Gippsland Swimming Zone Award:

Mark Lawrence and Breeana Godden