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ESL Students - English as a Second Language

Jinzuan Lin from Fujian, China: “Kurnai gives me the chance to do the subjects I like, I really appreciate it. I am proud to be a Kurnai student. The teachers are friendly and help me whenever I need it. The students are also very friendly; we play basketball and study together.”

Ai Nagaya from Nagoya, Japan: “I want to be a flight attendant so I came here to study English. My school in Japan was very strict, I like Kurnai because I feel it respects our personalities. The teachers are very nice and the students are friendly. I have made lots of friends in my time here.”

Yu Xiang Wang from China: “I am very glad to be a student at Kurnai College. The teachers and students are very friendly and helpful. I like math and this year I am enrolled in a university maths subject at Federation. It is a challenge for me but not as hard as I thought because the teachers help me a lot. I like it here in Australia.”

Shuang Liang from the middle of China: “I am living with relatives in Churchill while I am a student at Kurnai. I was very excited to come to study in Australia. At first I was very lonely but now I have a lot of Australian friends who help me to learn English. They make me smile everyday. The teachers here are also very kind. I really like Australia even though it is very different to China. I am getting used to Australia now.”

Max Gudino from Argentina: “I came to Australia with my family from Argentina 18 months ago. I started at Morwell Campus, Kurnai College not long after. I find life in Australia great – people are friendly and even though I miss Argentina at times. I enjoy living here in Australia.”

Ashika from Nepal: “I arrived here with my family 17 months ago, since arriving my family and I have had to experience many cultural changes in our lives. I have made some good friends here at Kurnai and I think the students here have a great school.”

Kwong Butterworth from Thailand: “I arrived here with my mum about 14 months ago. Kurnai College is the perfect school and I have made a good friend, she comes from Nepal.”