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Pathways are the steps you take in education, training and employment to achieve your goals. The pathway you select will depend very much upon your personal interests and experiences.

One of the advantages of education in Australia is our system of flexible pathways. Flexibility of pathways is a central focus of Kurnai College and its partners at the University Campus. It is the first education and training partnership in Australia in which the three main education sectors, employment and industry bodies and local government are all represented under the one roof. This unique partnership offers students:

                  Learning pathways across secondary school, vocational and higher education sectors

                  Recognition for learning achieved

                  A focus on individual learners

                  Support in developing a learning pathway

                  Increased choice of course options

                  Access to a variety of facilities and resources

                  Innovative learning through Information Communications and Technology

Kurnai College provides students in Years 11 and 12 with access to an extensive range of opportunities. Students are able to undertake studies in the following programs of study: VCE, VCAL and VET

All students are supported in the development of their pathway by the Careers Team. Regular Career and course counselling takes place to assist in the management of individual pathways. Career education and work experience programs also contribute to the supportive approach to individual pathways.