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School Uniform


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Policy Statement 

A student uniform policy should promote a positive image of Kurnai within the community and encourage studetns to uphold and enhance that image. It helps to promote a sense of identity within the College and places all students on an equal footing.

Student uniform policy will:

  • Be sensitive to the maturity of students, gender, disability, religious and cultural beliefs and socio-economic circumstances.
  • Ensude health and safety according to relevant legislation and policy.

All members of the school community have responsibility for ensuring that the policy is followed, but it is the role of the Principal who is aware of, and sensitive to family circumstances, to address individual cases. The student uniform policy will take precedence over a student's individual preferece in matters of dress.


Our College will:

Give the students a sense of unity and pride in the College.

•    Ensure that students are safely and appropriately dressed for school activities.

•    Minimize the competition between students.

•    Increase student security at junior campuses by making student identification easier



All students at the Morwell and Churchill junior campus will be required to wear uniform.

•    Students are required to the wear the uniform as defined in the Uniform Statement.

•    Parents and students will be provided with a copy of the Uniform Statement on enrolment.

•    Relevant sections of the Uniform Statement should be reproduced in the student and parent handbooks and parent newsletters.

•    Parents must communicate with the College when the uniform cannot be worn due to unusual situations.

•    Items of uniform should be clearly named and maintained in clean and reasonable state of repair.

•    Attendance on school excursions or activities is conditional upon wearing the school uniform unless otherwise directed.

•    In cases of special need or financial difficulties,parents should discuss this with the Campus Principal or Student Welfare team

•   Measures used to reinforce this policy should reflect the gravity and repetition  of breaches and the personal circumstances of the student.

•   Students will be required to change into uniform, supplied by the school,if they attend without  full uniform.


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For more information please refer to our Student Uniform Policy located under the Policies menu.